The public sector as the closest sector which has direct contact with the community is also not an inclusion from the influence of digital technology and artificial intelligence.

In some developed countries in Europe for example, digital technology has been used very well to support public services. For example, the use of integrated public transportation cards – one card for all types of transportation such as buses, monorails, subways and etc. Utilization of artificial intelligence in the United States and Europe has also spread in public services such as online elections in the United States, artificial intelligence machines in scanning population identities, to the use of artificial intelligence in governance.

Of course, we hope to no longer need to go from one office to another to simply make a resident card. Or waiting in line at various offices to complete administration. Luckily, the presence of digital technology and artificial intelligence no longer requires us to solve all these problems conventionally.

In Indonesia, the application of digital technology to support public services is still not optimal. The creation of e-ID cards or electronic resident identification cards is a good start. But the road is still long and of course, there are still many things that must be addressed. The utilization of big data as a follow up to the data collected was still minimal. Whereas big data can analyze public problems and even project policies on target to solve problems.

Can the development of the industrial revolution 4.0 technology be able to maintain human life safely and according to its needs as the main objective stated by society 5.0? For this reason, ISASTech 2020 together with the 7th OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region 2020 invites you to submit your ideas about the steps that must be implemented to accelerate the application of digital technology in the public service sector. Or about policies that must be implemented so that the community can play a direct role in this process. As well as many other things that also need to be considered.

ISASTech 2020 is waiting for you. See you in Istanbul!

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