Moving away from the economy, a sector also affected by digitalization is the agriculture, marine and animal husbandry. The presence of technology brought this sector to grow rapidly and showed an indication of positive impacts.Oleh karena itu, sudut pandang Revolusi Industri 4.0 dan Society 5.0 hadir tidak hanyak memperkenalkan keutamaan penerapan digitalisasi dan artificial intelligence atau kecerdasan buatan namun juga keselarasan dan keseimbangannya terhadap alam.

The need for food which increases along with the number of population is also one of the factors why digitalization must be applied in the agriculture, marine and animal husbandry sectors. Because in agriculture for example, now the use of animals to plow fields, will be far less effective than the use of tractors. With the presence of digital technologies as well, it is not impossible that agricultural activity will no longer require farmers to go down to the fields and simply use the latest technology such as the use of robotics for spraying pests, machines controlled through artificial intelligence to pick up fruit or plant seeds and some other technologies which can be controlled remotely. By that the productivity of the agriculture, marine and plantation sectors can be increased and it will be sufficient to accommodate the needs of the population which also continues to increase.

“Using machines that can think for themselves to take care of agricultural activities?”

Yes, it is not a new thing for some developed countries. This has succeeded in saving the number of workers, increasing time efficiency, food quality and also the quantity of commodities produced.

However, is it true that digitalization only brings a positive impact? Don’t we often hear about the environmental damage caused by technology? Pollution of air, water, soil and many other pollution caused by technology. Therefore, the viewpoints of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0 introduce the virtues of the application of digital technologies and artificial intelligence and also their harmony and balance with nature.

For this reason, we are waiting for your ideas through ISASTech 2020 together with the 7th OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region 2020  about what kind of technology should we use? What policies must be implemented to protect the environment? And many other things related to digitization in the agriculture, marine and animal husbandry sectors.

So, What are you waiting for? See you in Istanbul!

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