Have you ever thought about not using paper in the learning process? Or no longer have to go to class to pursue knowledge? Or educated by teachers in the form of intelligent robots?

Yups, digital technology and artificial intelligence help human doing their activities. In the education sector, for example, digitalization has brought teaching and learning activities far beyond just in a classroom or a 360-page textbook. Students no longer have to meet the teacher to simply collect assignments. And knowledge is delivered through interactive technology in schools.

Digital technology and artificial intelligence make students become more independent and interested in learning process. With existing technology students can easily answer all their curiosity. They know what to pursue in order to adjust to technological developments. But is this really the case? Is it not the opposite? Does digitalization not make students more lazy because of technology? Is digitalization can sharpen the mind of student to be more innovative or on the contrary it blunts and makes students addicted to technology itself?

Education is the basis of development of the country. The quality of human resources is maintain through education. What is the use of democratic bonuses if the ones created can not be innovative.

Digital technology and artificial intelligence as a foundation of building human resources must be implemented appropriately. The purpose and method of its application must be taken by considering all aspects. For this reason, ISASTech together with the 7th OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region 2020  again invites you to submit ideas and innovation about what kind of digital technology we should apply to our education system? Has the digital technology that we have applied right now resulted in what we expect? Or has it brought damage not only to our education system?

So, we are waiting for you. See you in Istanbul!

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