“Time is money.”

This quote is clearly attached to every living soul. To those who work to meet their needs. Because in general, the salary of a person who works for a company, for example, is measured by the duration or length of time he works.

More than that, let’s take the example of an export-import company. The distance between exporters and importers can be time consuming for both parties to establish communication. And even worse in the past, when human was still unfamiliar with the internet.

Then internet comes and changes everything. It seemed to fold the distance closer, and cut the time short. It facilitates communication and accelerates economic movements. But human, with their character, keeps innovating and presenting new things to support their activities. And one of the most hot topic right now is digitalization.

If you have ever asked, how can someone send money from one country to another, then thank the invention of digital information that makes it easy to send information at the speed of light. Or if you ask, how can there be an online shop, then digitalization is the one who makes it happened.

In the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, all human activities are carried out using technology, from telephones to automated production equipment at manufacturing companies. In this case, our economic activities are no exception.

Digitalization is changing the way human doing their economic activities. In China, for example, human is no longer using conventional money to transact. All payments are made via smart phone. Not to mention the payment of other needs, such as electricity and water, which can also be done via telephone or computer with one or two clicks.

Digitalization certainly brings a great influence on our economic activities. The question now is whether the influence is positive or not? And if it is positive, what steps must be taken to explore and continue to develop our national economic potential?

For that reasons, ISASTech 2020 together with the 7th PPI Symposium World America and Europe 2020 invites you, through the theme of “Digitalization and its impact on the national economy,” to share your ideas in Istanbul, on July. So what are you waiting for?

See you in Istanbul!

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