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Symposium: The Purpose

As the highest session in The OISAA America-Europe Region, The OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region has become a regular event of The OISAA America-Europe Region that is held every year. The purpose of it is to unite the voices and thoughts of around 31.554 Indonesian students all over 27 countries in the American and European regions.

This annual event is carried out based on the awareness of Indonesian students in America and Europe on the need for a student’s forum in which they can share their aspirations and ideas to participate in the development of Indonesia. It is expected that the recommendations, which will be born through this symposium, will be submitted to government as the policy-making agencies. And through this Symposium also, Indonesian students in the American and European region support the sustainability of the organization that was founded in 2013.

To support the organization, in The OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region coordinator of The OISAA America-Europe Region is chosen. The chosen coordinator later will carry out one year of duty as the organization’s supreme leader. In addition to that, there will be also a socialization of the mid-year report from the management of previous period of The OISAA America-Europe Region in order to evaluate it performance.

More than that, at The OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region also, Indonesian students in the American and European regions establish a friendly relationship between each other.

History of The OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region

Since The OISAA America-Europe Region was first established, up to now six The OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region have been held in six different cities in the Americas and Europe. And each year, this Symposium raises different themes based on hot issues and topics at the national and international level. One of the issues raised, for example, was about national unity at the 2015 European American World Region PPI Symposium.

2014, Istanbul

Held for the first time in Istanbul, The First OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region raised the theme “Optimizing the Role of Democracy and Indonesia’s Economic Progress as Sources to Become a Great Nation.”

Taking place from 17-19 May 2013, in this Symposium was born “Istanbul Draft,” containing student thoughts covering three topics: democracy and leadership, science and technology, economics and entrepreneurship.

2015, Moscow

Located in the country with the largest area in the world, The Second OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region understands the importance of national unity to face the ASEAN Community 2015. At one of the important points presented in this Symposium, one said that we need to raise the quality of our human resources which has high competitiveness without losing our national identity. Because, quoting the words of one of the speakers, strong identity will strengthen our competitiveness against other countries.

Although it took place on 6 – 8 May 2015, the coldness of Russia’s spring breeze was defeated by the warm of unity that was built by students at the Symposium at that time. It was proved by the birth of the “Manifesto Moskow” which became a souvenir for the Indonesian government.

2016, Rijswik

Taking place in Rijswik, the Netherlands, on 24-26 April 2016, The Third OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region raised the theme “Redefining Nation’s Identity in Facing the ASEAN Community”.

in this Symposium, a “Recommendation Rijswik ” was created, covering the fields of politics and law, to the technology sector. One of the points recommended is the need to construct a nuclear power reactor as a form of optimizing the mix of new and renewable energy in Indonesia.

Attended by 27 delegates from 14 countries in the United States and Europe, The OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region successfully rebuilt the spirit of nationalism of its participants through a re-exploration of the Indonesia’s history in the Leiden City through commemoration event. This city was also the place where the first Indonesian Student Association (OISAA) was formed in 1922.

2017, Washington D.C.

Based on instability of the regulation and the development of the digital economy in Indonesia, The Fourth OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region held on May 19-21, 2017, raised the theme “National Strength, Digital Economy as Indonesia’s Competitive Advantage.”

One of the topics highlighted at this Symposium is the maturity of a nation’s attitude in the Digital Economy Era. An era where one “click” can have a big impact.

In addition, increasing the quality and quantity of human resources in the digital economy industry is also highlighted. On this occasion, it was explained that there is the need to continuously update the quality of human resources along with the fast evolution of technology.

2018, Hannover

Highlighting the theme “Securing Indonesia’s Energy Sovereignty: The Security – Economy – Sustainability Nexus,” The Fifth OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region was attended by 32 delegates from 17 American and European countries.

Discussions include energy economics, energy policy and security, and technology. The results of this discussion are contained in the decision letter of The OISAA Board.

This Symposium also highlighted the steps that need to be taken to support the industrial revolution 4.0. One of the steps is increasing the role of research and development in the energy sector.

2019, Barcelona

Raising the theme “Indonesia Booming Tourism: Between Socio-Ecological Resilience and Social Welfare Maximisation,” The Sixth OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region which took place in Barcelona, Spain, was attended by 66 delegates from various countries in the America and Europe.

From this symposium was born ” Rekomendasi Bercelona untuk Kemajuan Pariwisata Indonesia yang Berkelanjutan.” One of the points is the need to complete the information about tourism, especially in disaster prone locations and funding to support the progress of sustainable tourism.

In addition, for four days in Barcelona (April 25-28, 2019), the idea to digitalize the Indonesian tourism industry and improve transport accessibility and accommodation standards was formulated. And to support this idea, one of the speakers stated the need for ABCDE formula: A – Access, B – Better, C – Connect, D – Dis – intermediate and E – Educate.

Next Symposium 2020? Ready?

Continuing the legacy of The OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region, in 2020, Istanbul, Turkey, was chosen as the next host city to hold the annual event.

Based on the speed of the industrial revolution which currently reaches 4.0, The Seventh OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region, this time, raised the theme “Industrial Revolution 4.0: Challenges, Opportunities and Impacts to World Civilization”.

Through this theme, it is hoped that we can deeply study the important things which will be affected and what the government needs to prepare after the government project targeting 44 unicorn startups and running a program of 1,000 digital startups in 2020.

For this reason, in The Seventh OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region there are 5 study teams which covering 5 themes:

  1. Digitalization and its impact on the national economy.
  2. Digitalization of agriculture, marine, and animal husbandry.
  3. Academic impacts of digital education.
  4. Impact of digitalization on art and culture.
  5. Application of digital technology in the public sector.

Through these five themes, it is expected that The OISAA America-Europe Region will be able to produce comprehensive studies that can be used as input and consideration to the central and regional governments to enhance the development of creative businesses and at the same time to be able to maintain the sustainability of existing businesses.

Moreover, in this edition of The OISAA America-Europe Region an International Conference will be held to give more value to the recommendations that will be produced. So, what are you waiting for? Will you be part of The Seventh OISAA Symposium America-Europe Region 2020, Istanbul, Turkey?

See you in Istanbul!

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